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Republican Debate Tonight


The Republicans are having a debate in Iowa tonight. Do you plan on watching? Me, not so much. To me, all these political debates rate right up there with professional wrestling. (my apologies to the wrestlers) They are just too staged and scripted, all the spectators hanging on the every word like they have never heard it before. And all this so that in the end some talking heads can assume the responsibility of trying to convince you of what you heard. And then a winner is picked based on the important criteria like; five o’clock shadow, amount of sweat, how much water they drank, and tie/dress style. Lord forbid anyone should misspeak, or in any way have something other than the scripted come out of their mouth. (I guess that leave me out. I wouldn’t make it past the first sentence)

Besides the ridiculousness of the debates themselves, has any of the Republican wannabes lit your fire enough to want to tune in to see what they have to say? With the exception of Rep. Michelle Bachmann, watching these contenders is like watching old film clips from 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, and so on. Hasn’t anyone other than Ms. Bachmann, Republican or Democrat, noticed that the ‘good-ol-boy’ playbook of years past doesn’t cut it?

The mess we are in now didn’t just start yesterday, or 2008, or 2000. The child king in the oval office may have thrown the last shovel of crap on the pile, but the pile started decades ago. The path to destruction we are on, we have been on for many years. It is time to reacquire our original path, the path that grew our country to the greatest country the world has ever known.

I don’t have any confidence that Mitt Romney, the sole inventor of Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare, has seen the light. To me he appears liberal lite. Tim Pawlente sounds OK on the surface, do your own research on Minnesota. The others, I consider such a long shot that I haven’t wasted my time weighing consideration.

In the wings you have Texas Governor Rick Perry, running mostly on the state’s record. The problem is, how do you view the Texas record? Is it because of the Governor, or mostly just because it’s Texas. I just can’t visualize Texas turning into a California even if Barack Obama were Governor. A “Texan” just wouldn’t stand for it. Also in the winds you have Sarah Palin. Six months ago I would have voted for her in a heartbeat. Now the jury is out, even if she decides to run. If she announces a run for the presidency in the coming months she is either; incredibly stupid and has no clue how to mount a campaign, or, she is an incredibly intelligent and crafty lady that know how to out maneuver her opponents.

As it stands right now I would have to support Rep. Bachmann. She knows that we need to go back to the playbook the founding fathers used and eludes to that every time she speaks. But moreover, she has demonstrated it. She wasn’t among the missing during the recent ‘debt ceiling’ brew-ha, she didn’t spew a lot of pie-in-the-sky rhetoric, she stated early on that the debt ceiling should not be raised, and the reasons. She stated early on she would not vote in favor of a debt ceiling increase under any circumstances. And she held true to her word. In the end she is being proven right, raising the debt ceiling was wrong. Raising it did not stop any of the forecast doom that awaited us if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised. The only thing it did accomplish was to supply more cash to try to buy more votes.

In the end, these debates serve no benefit to me for my voting choice, my own research into a potential candidate is my best weapon. Past practice is the best forecaster for future actions. As you can now see, pull back the smoke and mirrors, and we now have a community organizer voting “present” in the oval office.

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